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Your CCW Holster Protects You and Your Gun

Jan 26, 15 • Handgun Holster, News, ProductsNo Comments
    Yes, your CCW holster protects you and your gun.  Holsters are designed for firearm carriage, and for the protection of the shooter and the gun. In order for your CCW holster to protect you and your gun, there are certain details you should look for when choosing your holster.  Everything you should consider includes materials, fabrication, article attachments, and even the type of individuals who would wear the holster.  As a CCW holster wearer, you want to consider the ...

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7 Different forms of concealed carry positions

Different ways to Concealed Carry a Weapon

Jan 11, 15 • NewsNo Comments
These days, it is becoming ever more important for people to make sure that they and their families are protected and safe. Truly, the only way to maintain such maximum assurance is by being armed with a firearm at all times. Of course, it is simple enough to be armed while in one’s own home, as that is their private property. However, what about when in public or in the workplace? Many states now allow for individuals to carry firearms on their person wherever they go so long as that ...

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Ice bucket challenge in support of ALS and Cri-du-Chat syndrome

White Hat Ice Bucket Challenge!

Aug 28, 14 • News14 Comments
After receiving several nominations, Tony and some of the team at White Hat Holsters recently took on the ALS challenge, with a unique twist. We’re taking this challenge in support not only of ALS, but also in support of the 5P- society, an organization which works to help fight the condition 5P- or Cri-du-Chat syndrome. For more info on Cri-du-chat syndrome: http://www.fivepminus.org/ For more info on ALS: http://www.als.org White Hat is making a donation of $100 to each ...

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Gator skin backings for hybrid holsters - White Hat

Gator Holster Backings – Limited Edition!

Aug 21, 14 • NewsNo Comments
White Hat Holsters are pleased to announce the arrival of our new limited edition Gator gun holster backings! Take a look at the image to the right. That’s a pretty amazing looking backing, right? Feel free to click for an enlarged version. Now what if I told you the backing you’re looking at is not actual gator hide, and that this is actually good news for your gun? Real gator-hide is rough and firm to such a degree that it can scuff and damage the finish of your handgun, or ...

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Helpful advice for new gun owners from the Reddit Community

8 Tips for New Gun Owners From Reddit

Jul 2, 14 • NewsNo Comments
Have you ever read an article about gun ownership and realized that the writer has no idea what they’re talking about? It’s an unfortunate but widespread phenomenon when it comes to firearms; lots of people have opinions, but only a few have actually taken a G30S or SP101 on the range. It’s especially galling if you’re a new gun owner looking for tips. Why should you listen to the counsel of someone who hasn’t been in your shoes? Here at White Hat Holsters, we ...

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Velcro Instructor Belts - Velcro Closure Duty Belts

Announcing: Velcro Instructor Belts

Jun 25, 14 • News8 Comments
White Hat Holsters is excited to announce a new addition to our gun belt line: our new Velcro Instructor Gun Belts! These Velcro closure belts are also known as duty belts to some, and come in black or brown 8-9 ounce bridle leather that is double stitched beautifully to provide maximum strength and durability. At 1 3/4 inches thick, the new Velcro Instructor Belts bring an excellent combination of increased stability and weight distribution, and fit our metal belt clips to perfection. The ...

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White Hat Holster's 20% off Memorial Day sale!

Memorial Day Sale! 20% Off Everything!

May 23, 14 • News7 Comments
20% off Everything in our store. Use coupon code MEMORIAL2014 In honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice we remember them this Memorial Day by offering a little of ourselves in return. They fought to defend our freedoms and we at White Hat Holsters take those freedoms very seriously. If you have ever wanted a White Hat Holster but needed that extra push to take the plunge, now is the time. If you have a White Hat Holster, now is the time to get a new kydex, replace your hardware or ...

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What is your favorite concealed carry weapon? White Hat community survey.

Most Popular Concealed Carry Handgun? Cast your vote!!

May 15, 14 • News5 Comments
We Need Your Help! We’re preparing a blog post and we need your opinion! We’ve read a bunch of posts recently listing the most popular handguns but they all boil down to one person’s opinion, and we want more. We’d love to highlight the opinions of our awesome, engaged community by gathering your feedback and using it in an upcoming blog post. So… take a sec to help us out! What is the most popular concealed carry handgun, and why? We’ll put the most ...

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Cleaning and Maintenance Kit from White Hat Holsters

Holster Maintenance – The importance of a good cleaning and care kit

Apr 7, 14 • NewsNo Comments
The Importance of Proper Holster Care Gun holsters, like guns themselves, have evolved over time and are impressive pieces of equipment. Hybrid leather and Kydex holsters are form-fitted to your firearm using the Kydex and have a leather backing. These holsters are very attractive and easy enough to maintain, but they will require your occasional attention, just to ensure they remain as effective and comfortable as possible. Holster maintenance should become a routine for any holster owner ...

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7 Reasons to by a Hybrid IWB holster from White Hat.

7 reasons to invest in a hybrid holster from White Hat

Mar 27, 14 • NewsNo Comments
Concealed carry holsters don’t need to be uncomfortable. Our hybrid holsters offer an unequaled combination of comfort and style, and they are fully customizable to meet the needs of any user. Here are some good reasons to switch from a traditional concealed carry holster to a hybrid one. 1) Comfort The holsters we offer are a combination of a leather backing and a kydex sheath. The parts are engineered to be ergonomic and are composed of materials specifically chosen to maximize ...

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