Cleaning and Maintenance Kit from White Hat Holsters

Holster Maintenance – The importance of a good cleaning and care kit

Apr 7, 14 • News
The Importance of Proper Holster Care Gun holsters, like guns themselves, have evolved over time and are impressive pieces of equipment. Hybrid leather and Kydex holsters are form-fitted to your firearm using the Kydex and have a leather backing. These holsters are very attractive and easy enough to maintain, but they will require your occasional attention, just to ensure they remain as effective and comfortable as possible. Holster maintenance should become a routine for any holster owner ...

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7 Reasons to by a Hybrid IWB holster from White Hat.

7 reasons to invest in a hybrid holster from White Hat

Mar 27, 14 • News
Concealed carry holsters don’t need to be uncomfortable. Our hybrid holsters offer an unequaled combination of comfort and style, and they are fully customizable to meet the needs of any user. Here are some good reasons to switch from a traditional concealed carry holster to a hybrid one. 1) Comfort The holsters we offer are a combination of a leather backing and a kydex sheath. The parts are engineered to be ergonomic and are composed of materials specifically chosen to maximize ...

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Factors to consider when choosing a concealed carry revolver

What is the best concealed carry handgun?

Jan 31, 14 • News
This is a matter that’s very subject to personal opinions and individual needs, so we aren’t going to name the “best” weapon to use for concealed carry. Rather, we’d like to give you some factors to think through when choosing a weapon, so that you can choose the best concealed carry handgun for you. So, here we go: 4 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Concealed Carry Weapon If you are in the market to buy a concealed carry firearm, there are many ...

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Custom IWB Holster Designs from White Hat

Custom IWB Holster Designs – March 2013

Jan 12, 14 • News
Some of our die hard Facebook or YouTube fans may be aware of this already, we recently posted a new video, a continuation of our series highlighting some of our newer custom IWB holster designs. We thought we’d mention it on our blog also, for anyone who may have missed it. There has been a lengthy break since our last video, and we’ve made several improvements internally, including new staff members, a new facility, and now our brand new video room. For those who aren’t ...

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Holster for Springfield XD | White Hat Custom Holsters | Concealed Carry

I Found the Right Holster for My Springfield XD!

A fan emailed us his findings of holsters that he’s tried out for his Springfield XD. Thanks for the shout out, Will! We’re glad to hear you found what you were looking for!  While the topic of an individual’s firearm protection rights can be controversial, what is not up for debate is ensuring the personal safety of responsible gun owners. I, along with hundreds of thousands of other gun enthusiasts across the nation, celebrate my right to hold a concealed carry permit ...

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User Review Concealed Carry Holsters for Ruger LCR-22

Why I Conceal Carry a Ruger

Apr 27, 13 • News
Weapon Highlight! The following content was submitted by a user and doesn’t necessarily mean that we endorse any one handgun over another. We provide Concealed Carry Holsters for a wide variety of guns and fully approve of whichever you choose to carry! Why I Carry a Ruger in my Concealed Holster Why do I carry a Ruger in my IWB holster? Well, in my considerably less than humble opinion, the Ruger LCR-22 with the Crimson Trace laser grip is the finest light weapon one can carry. This ...

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Concealed Carry Holsters | Breaking In Your Holster | How to Care for Your Holster

Concealed Carry Holsters: The Break-In Period

Apr 2, 13 • News
We’ve seen a few comments on the White Hat Facebook Page about squeaks, looseness and stiffness when wearing a concealed carry holster for the first time. Never fear – these occurrences are normal and temporary, and you’ll find that the stiffness, squeaks, etc. will decrease and then desist once the break-in period (about 2 weeks) of your concealed holster is complete. If you find your new holster is exhibiting these quirks or hear that someone else is worrying about their ...

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White Hat Holster Handgun for Concealed Carrying | Concealed Carry Holster

White Hat Holsters Wants To Hear From You: The First Time You Fired a Gun

Jan 29, 13 • News
  We spend a lot of time talking about concealed handguns and conceal carry holsters, and while we love talking about how much we love our job, our products, and anything made of horsehide, we’d like to switch things up a bit today! We’d love to hear from you guys about the first time you got to fire a gun! Were you with your mom or dad, or another relative or friend? Was it at a gun safety class, shooting range or while out hunting? To get things rolling, one of our fans shared with ...

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Black Cowhide and Kydex In the Waist Band Hybrid Holster

Benefits of Hybrid Holsters for Concealed Carry

Oct 19, 12 • News, Products
Just What Is A Hybrid Holster? Hybrid Holsters are such a new concept in the field of concealed carry holsters that currently there isn’t even a Wikipedia page on the subject. A Google search will only return a few companies that make these comfortable holsters, some videos of them in use, and a few random things – as any Google search does. We at White Hat holsters believe you should be as informed as possible when purchasing anything that has to do with a weapon. A concealed carry ...

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Sheep Dog Defined

Aug 31, 12 • News
The term “Sheepdog” Is widely used to describe the role that we as concealed carry holders play in the world around us. The unarmed citizen is the sheep, the bad guys are the wolves, we are the sheepdogs. This article is an excerpt from Lt. Col. Dave Grossmans book On Combat where he first defines the term. An interesting read from the originator himself.   On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs (From the book, On Combat, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman) “Honor never grows old, and ...

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